2022 Myrna Gay Motzer


Born in Cincinnati Ohio of the Jewish faith I was always defending laughingly my Jewish Princess Label.  I had no choice but to grow up and prove everyone wrong that I was indeed a queen and came from the highly achieving Youkilis family.  From my young years of Ballet and tap dance lessons starting at three years old and a children’s art exhibit in the Cincinnati Art Museum for blossoming young artists. Then on to winning silver copper and gold medals in Ballroom Dancing at Fred Astaire’s Studios.

At the tender age of 12, I won The Amateur Hour at Harris Rosedale’s Amateur Hour for singing Nature Boy and on to offers to sing for a well-known old radio Station WLW by Milt Weiner and I was bound and determined to keep up my goals and ideals by taking on one career after another and I did so successfully.  I attended the famous Walnut Hills High School as a college prep student but chose to switch to Hughes Hi in my freshman year to graduate with many more subjects in 1954.  I was already out there as a teacher of modeling and in plays and musicals in school and was one of the first to be a Robt Mac Spaddin choral member and moved on to be a Milton Anderson’s choir member that became known as the famous choral group all over the US as the Young Americans.

Next, a beginning of a medical career that segwayed to a young marriage at 18 to one of the most famous Restaurant families in Cincinnati Ohio owned by the Comisars.  At the time I bore 2 young children close in age a girl and a boy who were my much-loved first babies, then later in remarriage and a move to Chicago I bore another much-loved baby my third and last a girl who today is a very successful Jewelry Designer and Manufacturer. Before moving to Chicago, I was discovered by one of Hollywood’s most famous Makeup artists and he made me his Studio D Model as well as his mentored makeup artist of renown.   I was not held back as a loving parent and I opened and ran Skin Care and Cosmetic Stores where I was a very successful makeup artist extraordinaire and clothing model in the Chicago Mart, also appearing in several movies Damien Omen One and Two. I was also the first to create the concept of Wedding makeup and teach throughout the US about Micro Dermabrasion machines, as well as Acid Peels and Washes to Doctors and their staff for Humatech Labs across the United States.  I went on to be an accredited and licensed Medical Esthetician and makeup artist for Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists while then living in Boca Raton Florida.

My all-time destination was Hollywood California with a new husband and at a senior age, I started into Senior Pageants in Orange County while working for Plasticos as their head Esthetician. I was awarded The Age of Elegance 2009, then became MS Senior Orange County 2011, MS Sr. American Elite2014, MS Sr. Pinup Culver City 2015, then Founding Queen for MS SR. USA/Universe.  This also started my long-time career with Doctors but my love of singing still took me to Australia and New Zealand where I sang with Dr. Sheridan Ball and his Los Alamitos chorale, singing in churches and cathedrals and the Sidney Opera House.  My last licensed career was as a real estate associate in the Baja for R Mack Realty in San Filipe.  A loving career of performing and volunteering for many years as Mary Poppins working with City of Hope and many other organizations. Sizzlin Seniors my most preferred performing group for 10 years in 3 different states for Veterans and Nursing Homes and USO Shows, headed by Marilyn Kohler with Senior America.

My biggest achievement was designing and developing expandable garment bags for women and men while a new pageant contestant and seeing how they were needed for pageant and wedding dresses and traveling and arriving wrinkle-free with ease.


L to R: Rebecca Handley, 3rd RU; Nancy Doherty, 1st RU; Myrna, Martha Butler, 2nd RU; Darlene Benesch, MS Congeniality