2015 Polly King


Polly King
Ms NC Senior America 2015

Polly, the youngest of nine children, was born on February 15, 1955 in Jackson, Tennessee.   She attended Tennessee State University, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Welfare in 1977.  She then attended the University of Tennessee Knoxville/Nashville branch, where she received her Master’s Degree in Social Work in 1978.  She has lived and worked in the great state of North Carolina for the past 32 years.

Polly is married and is the proud parent of two daughters.  The education of her daughters and their start in life as prepared and independent professionals has been the focus of her life for many years.  Julia King, the oldest daughter, is a graduate of North Carolina State University and currently works as a Speech Pathologist.  Leah King is a graduate of East Carolina University and works in Fashion Merchandising.

Polly continues to enjoy a career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, having worked with patients in many healthcare settings in North Carolina.  During her carer, she became very much aware of how chronic illnesses, many of which can be prevented, can contribute to a poor quality of life for individuals and families.  She became interested in making her own lifestyle as healthy as possible and joined her first fitness program in 1981.

Polly has continued to focus on fitness over the years by maintaining memberships in fitness programs wherever she has lived.  She has encouraged her children to participate in fitness programs as well.  She is currently a member of the First Health Fitness Center in Pinehurst NC, where her daughter also serves as a group exercise instructor.

Physical fitness is only one aspect of healthy living for Polly.  She believes that healthy living is much more than diet and exercise.  For her, true healthy living involves caring for her mind, spirit and body.  Her challenge each day is to live her life to the fullest, to seek what brings her joy and happiness and to care for others with love and respect.

Polly’s volunteer work includes serving as a Disaster Mental Health Worker for the American Red Cross.  She now serves the NC Moore County area and is available to provide crisis intervention and mental health referrals for individuals and families after a loss due to a fire or natural disaster.

Polly has also bee involved in some very rewarding work with local pageants in her community.  She learned the benefits of pageants while helping her own daughters prepare and participate in local and state pageants.  The self confidence gained from pageant participation, has been invaluable in their lives and careers today.  After learning about the community service opportunities for senior ladies through pageant participation, Polly decided to enter the Ms North Carolina Senior America Pageant and was very fortunate to win the 2015 title.  Although her journey has just begun, she is already feeling the love and support of such a great organization.

For information on speaking engagements for Polly, please contact State Director, Beverly Wetherbie by calling 910-944-8171 or by email at bwetherbie@gmail.com.