2016 Rebecca Ann Taylor

Rebecca Ann Taylor
Ms NC Senior America 2016

2016 QueenAnn was born on August 7, 1946 in Bassett, Virginia where she lived until she was 17 years old.  She left Bassett in 1964 to attend business school in Washington DC where she remained until 1975.

While living in Washington, Ann began a career with the Federal Government initially working as a clerk.  Her last position with the Federal Government was Program Analyst with the WIN (Work Incentive) program.

Ann returned to Virginia in 1975.  She worked as Assistant personnel Manager with a local manufacturer and later was employed with the Miller Brewing Company, Eden, NC, as Personnel Administration Assistant.

When she was called into the ministry in 1985, she began volunteering with the Henry County/Martinsville Prison System.  In 2000, she and her husband became affiliated with Conerstone Southern Baptist Church in Greensboro NC and she continued her volunteer work with the Piedmont Jail Ministry.  Currently she serves as a Board Member with this ministry.

From 1989 until December 1999 Ann participated in services to homeless individuals.  From 1997 to 1999, Ann assisted with the administration of a local outreach service.  She assisted in networking with area businesses to secure food, clothing, furnishings, and other services for needy families in the Guilford County area.  Total distribution for this outreach was approximately $1 million in goods and services to the community.

Ann has worked with the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) for 10 years.  She retired in December 2010, however, she has since returned to NBCC as a part-time customer service representative with the Credentialing Department.  In September 2013 she became a registered Mental Health Facilitator with NBCC.

Ann enjoys “Words with Friends” and other word games.  She enjoys reading, singing and going to plays.  She is most adamant about sharing her life experiences with younger people and promoting her life philosophy of “being kind”.  Ann’s desire is to continue to be a positive role model and example of the “Age of Elegance” through relationships developed and cultivated through kindness.

For information on speaking engagements for Ann, please contact State Co-Director, Beverly Wetherbie by calling 910-944-8171 or Sarah Daffron at 336-549-7249.

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